ma maa aaa

maa,  used sometimes as an article, as maa taata rahi, a big man. [Dav : 3795]
maa,  s. food, provisions of any kind. [Dav : 3796] (note)
maa,  s. a sling to throw stones, formerly used in war.
— v.a. to sling stones. [Dav : 3797] (note)
maa,  a. small, a little part or quantity. [Dav : 3798]
maa,  a. cloven, divided, applied to many things. [Dav : 3799]
maŠ,  s. mets, nourriture; fronde. a. fendu, divisť. art. quelques, un peu, un; e maa ua, un peu de pluie. [Jau :1796] (note)