ivaiva ivi e

ivi,  s. [iwi,] a bone of any sort. [Dav : 3780]
ivi,  s. a widow.
— a. widow, as vahine ivi, a widow woman. [Dav : 3781]
ivi,  s. one that falls in battle; the body of the ivi was taken to the marae as an offering. [Dav : 3782] (note)
ivi,  s. a place of ghosts, in or about the mount Mehani in Raiatea. [Dav : 3783]
ivi,  s. os; veuf, veuve; qui est tué en bataille. Ivi e ! int. de celui qui le tue. Ivitiaio, ivi tua moo, épine dorsale. [Jau :1793] (note)