itoito iubili

iu,  s. a rasp or file of any sort, formerly a piece of shark skin.
— v.a. to file or rasp. [Dav : 3775]
iu,  s. a million; according to the late king Pomare II, the ancient numeration of Tahiti was as follows; - 10 times 10 make one rau or a hundred, 10 rau one mano, 10 mano one manotini, 10 manotini one rehu, 10 rehu one iu, that is 1,000,000; but when they counted by couples, as sometimes they did, in that case the rehu was 200,000, and the iu 2,000,000. [Dav : 3776]
i,  s. pa. rper, lime, rape; million. [Jau :1788]