inu ioa, ia

io,  s. a single hair of the head, called io rouru. [Dav : 3690]
io,  s. a division of the inhabitants of Moorea; those on one side of the island are called Te io i nia, and those on the other Te io i raro. [Dav : 3691]
io,  s. [kigo,] flesh, or the muscular part without the fat; also the substance of any fruit. [Dav : 3692] (note)
io,  ad. there in that place; it is compounded with nei and na, as io nei, here in this place, io na, yonder at a distance, or where the person addressed may be at the time. [Dav : 3693] (note)
io,  prep. with, as io na, with him, io'u, with me. [Dav : 3694]
i,  s. chair, viande. [Jau :1743] (note)
i,  ad. i, l; io nei, ici; io na, l prs. [Jau :1744]
io,  prp. chez. [Jau :1745] (note)
io,  s. un seul cheveu. [Jau :1746]