i iaa

ia,  s. [ika, Malay Ikan,] fish of any kind. [Dav : 3572] (note)
ia,  v.a. to pitch, daub, or paint. [Dav : 3573]
ia,  ad. when, in the past time, as ia oe i parahi i taua fare ra, when thou didst dwell in such a house. [Dav : 3574]
ia,  ad. when, future, and pronounced a little different, ia haere au, when I go. [Dav : 3575]
ia,  conj. if, as ia ore ia tae mai, if he comes not. [Dav : 3576]
ia,  prep. [kia, ki,] by, with, for, to, and so preceding all nouns and pronouns, but sometimes the a is dropped. [Dav : 3577] (note)
ia,  v aux. by way of wish or supplication, as ia tae mai, may it come; ia ora, may (it) live. [Dav : 3578] (note)
ia,  pron. pronounced in two syllables, that, or it, as eaha a ? what is that ? e mea a, it is such a thing; eita a e tae, he or it will not go. [Dav : 3579] (note)
ia,  v.n. or of being, pronounced in two syllables, am, is, or are. [Dav : 3580]
ia,  v. subst. pro. cela, lui,; c'est. [Jau :1679] (note)
ia,  adv. conj. quand, lorsque; si, que, afin que. [Jau :1680] (note)
ia,  prp. , au, dans, pour, (devant les pronoms et les noms propres) [Jau :1681] (note)
i,  s. poisson. [Jau :1682] (note)