ia, iŠ

i,  Is the third Tahitian vowel, and commonly pronounced as the English i in the words bid, pin, sin; but when circumflexed thus Ó, as in the word magazine, marine. [Dav : 3565]
i,  when prefixed, or going before verbs, is a sign of the past tense. [Dav : 3566] (note)
i,  prep. before nouns in the oblique cases, when they are preceded by a te, as i te mea, otherwise it should be ia. [Dav : 3567]
i,  v.n. to speak, but the word is obsolete. [Dav : 3568]
i,  prep. at, for, in, as i reira, at that place or time, i te mea, for such a thing, i te fare, in the house. [Dav : 3569] (note)
i,  v.a. to pick out, choose, select. [Dav : 3570]
i,  v.a. to prepare bread fruit for the mahi. [Dav : 3571]
i,  prep. ŗ, au, dans, pour, marque du passť devant un verbe. [Jau :1677] (note)
i,  a. pn. plein, rempli; dire. [Jau :1678] (note)