huaupu hueaere

hue,  s. a gourd or calabash, to hold water, &c. [Dav : 3430]
hue,  s. a cask, keg, or bottle; see paero. [Dav : 3431]
hue,  s. a chequered sea fish that is exceedingly poisonous, those that eat it generally die quickly, except they can vomit it up. From a likeness to the skin of this fish, English cheque is called irihue. [Dav : 3432]
hue,  v.a. to throw up into a heap; to overthrow and cast out useless things. [Dav : 3433] (note)
hue,  s. a restriction on food; see rahui. [Dav : 3434]
hue,  s. pa. gourde, bouteille; amasser. [Jau :1624]