ho hoaa

hoa,  a. one in counting; see hoe. [Dav : 3196]
hoa,  s. a fish of a red colour. [Dav : 3197]
hoa,  s. a friend; see taua and taio. [Dav : 3198] (note)
hoa,  v.n. to flash as lightning; see anapa. [Dav : 3199] (note)
hoa,  s. a stick used for carrying things on the shoulder; see mauhoa. [Dav : 3200]
hoa,  s. the head-ache; see uruhoa. [Dav : 3201] (note)
hoa,  v.a. to grasp an antagonist, as a wrestler. [Dav : 3202]
hoa,  v.n. to stand as an army. [Dav : 3203]
hoa,  s. a. pa. pn. un; ami; mal de tęte; bois pour porter un fardeau; saisir; s'arręter; reluire. [Jau :1532] (note)