hinutere hioana

hio,  v.n. to look, see, behold; see nana.
— s. a looking-glass. [Dav : 3113] (note)
hio,  s. a whistle, or the native flute; see vivo.
— v.n. to whistle; to blow, as a person out of breath. [Dav : 3114] (note)
hio,  p.n. siffler, souffler. Hiohio, id. [Jau :1496]
hió,  s. verre, miroir; pa. regarder, voir, observer. Hiò ana, circonspect. - Apahi, regarder de travers. Rapa, regarder sournoisement. - Ata, miroir, regarder les affaires d'autrui. - Fenua, lorgnette. - Mahana, sextant. - Niao, scruter les défauts. - Poa, s. pa. inspecteur, examiner. [Jau :1497]