hiero hihihihi

hihi,  s. the rays of the sun. [Dav : 3071]
hihi,  s. the whiskers of a cat, mouse, or rat; also the two holes in a cocoanut that cannot be pierced. [Dav : 3072]
hihi,  s. men fleeing or running from a battle. [Dav : 3073]
hihi,  s. a small shell fish. [Dav : 3074]
hihi,  s. rayon du soleil; moustaches du chat, etc., colonnes de guerriers; trous de coco. Hihi mata, paupières. Hihi moa, plumes sur le revers du cou du coq. Hihi oura, antennes de la chevrette. Hihi poo, éclairs qu'un soufflet fait voir. Hihi roa, cils. [Jau :1479]