h, hi hiaa

hia,  an affix to verbs, denoting the passive form, as hinaaro, to love, hinaarohia, loved. [Dav : 3044] (note)
hia,  s. [hinga, hina,] a fall. [Dav : 3045]
hia,  v.n. to fall, as a person or a tree that was standing; not to drop down from a height, for that mairi and topa are used. [Dav : 3046]
hia,  v.a. to use friction to procure fire. [Dav : 3047]
hi,  s. pn. chute, tomber. - Hia, pa. frictionner du bois pour avoir du feu. Hia, v. subst. t (marque du passif aprs un verbe), Hia, adv. combien ? a hia, e hia, too hia ? combien. Po hia ? combien de (nuits) jours ? [Jau :1465] (note)