hebedoma heeauru

hee,  s. a certain skin mark in tattooing. [Dav : 2981]
hee,  v.a. to purge or evacuate the body; see tahee. [Dav : 2982] (note)
hee,  v.n. to be swimming in the surf, a Tahitian diversion; see faahee and horue. [Dav : 2983]
hee,  v.n. to be in a discharged or banished condition, as one turned out of his place; see faahee. [Dav : 2984]
hee,  int. of surprise, as ahe ! uhu ! [Dav : 2985]
hee,  pn. pa. purger; glisser; nager sur une vague, Ítre banni, int. surprise, ah ! hee auru, nager sur la lame. [Jau :1429]