haavivo, haa vivo haea

hae,  s. jealousy; wildness of beasts.
— v.n. to be jealous, as men and women.
— a. jealous; wild, as beasts; enraged. [Dav : 2773]
hae,  int. an exclamation of excitement to some action, commonly some violent action, such as seizing upon a man or beast. [Dav : 2774]
h‚Í,  int. an exclamation of wonder. [Dav : 2775]
hae,  s. saliva.
— v.n. to water, as the mouth of a man or beast, but most commonly applied to the saliva dropping from the mouth or a dog at the sight of food. [Dav : 2776]
hae,  s. an imagined ghost, or the spirit of a drowned person. [Dav : 2777]
hae,  s. pn. jalousie, jaloux, Ítre jaloux, salive, saliver, vite ! allons ! [Jau :1312]