ha haa no

haa,  s. a dwarf. [Dav : 2514]
haa,  s. [hanga, anga, hana,] work of any kind. [Dav : 2515] (note)
haa,  a. a prefix, [haka, faka, aka, waka, hoo,] to verbs, nouns, and adjectives, by means of which they are generally turned into active verbs; see faa. In many instances faa and haa are used indiscriminately; in others it is customary to use one of them, as in faaamu, faaora, faaani, &c., and not haaamu, &c.; and again haamanao, haamehara, &c., and not faamanao. In some few instances, the prefix ta is employed for the same purpose, as in tahinu, tahana, taati, &c. [Dav : 2516] (note)
haa,  v.a. to work, or operate any way; but lately both noun and verb have been most commonly applied to cloth making by the women; see ohipa. [Dav : 2517] (note)
haa,  s. pa. ouvrage, travailler, faire. - Comme Faa, haa devant un mot signifie faire, causer, dire. [Jau :1081] (note)
haa,  p.a. tororiro, se faire petit. [Jau :1287]