fanu faoa

fao,  s. [wao,] a nail or chisel.
— v.a. to make holes with a fao. [Dav : 2282]
fao,  a. lank, lean, as a fish after spawning. [Dav : 2283]
fao,  s. a person that speaks through the nose, a snuffler. [Dav : 2284]
fao,  a. enslaved, brought under subjection, and hard usage. [Dav : 2285]
fao,  s. the weakest out of a litter of pigs. [Dav : 2286]
fao,  s. the dedication of a new marae or a house; see hao. [Dav : 2287]
fao,  s. pointe, ciseau; pa. trouer; a. nasillard, mince, esclave; s. dédicace. [Jau :960]