fafauraro faia

fâi,  v.a. to confess, reveal, divulge. [Dav : 2243]
fai,  v.a. to deceive by fair speech and apparent friendship. [Dav : 2244]
fai,  s. the skate, or sting ray fish, of which there are many varieties. [Dav : 2245] (note)
fai,  s. a certain Tahitian curse or imprecation. [Dav : 2246]
fai,  s. the name of a part of the offering which the priests used to eat in the marae. [Dav : 2247]
fai,  s. the name of a game played by children.
— v.a. to play the fai. [Dav : 2248]
faí,  p.a. confesser, révéler, décevoir. [Jau :939]