f faa, faá

fa,  s. a butt or mark at which a shot is aimed, or to which a spear is thrown. [Dav : 1712] (note)
fa,  s. the stalk of some large leaves such as taro, plantain, and also the cocoanut. [Dav : 1713]
fa,  s. a perpendicular branching cloud viewed as an omen. fig. the butt of ill will, or a person that is an object of hatred; also the ground of contention in war. [Dav : 1714]
fa,  v.n. to appear, come in sight. [Dav : 1715] (note)
fa,  int. a word used in calling hogs. [Dav : 1716]
fa,  s. but où l'on tire, où l'on tend; tige. p.n. apparaître. [Jau :567] (note)