ehuehu eiâ, éia

ei,  prep. for, ei parau raa, for a conversation; ei rapaau mai, for or to be a medicine; ei ora, to be for health or salvation; ei hara, to be a crime, or for a crime. [Dav : 1627]
ei,  v.n. let it be, as a wish or command, ei mea rahi, let it be a large thing. [Dav : 1628]
ei,  ad. as ei reira, then or there, at that time or place, mentioned or understood; ei hea ? where ? at what place ? ei roto, within, ei rapae, without, ei nia, above. [Dav : 1629]
ei,  prép. pour. Ei vai, pour avoir de l'eau. [Jau :524]