auviri avaa

ava,  s. [kava,] the name of a plant common in most of the South Sea Islands, of which an intoxicating liquor is made. [Dav : 1461]
ava,  s. [kava, awa,] the juice, or liquor made of the ava plant; also all kinds of spirituous and intoxicating liquors. [Dav : 1462] (note)
ava,  s. [awa,] the fish called white salmon. [Dav : 1463]
ava,  s. [awa,] an entrance into a harbour; an opening that will admit of ships and other vessels to approach the shore. [Dav : 1464] (note)
ava,  s. plante. áva, eau-de-vie. [Jau :476] (note)
ava,  s. passe pour navire. Avaava, petite passe. [Jau :477] (note)