au, a auaa

aua,  s. a cup, dish, plate; see aipu. [Dav : 1261] (note)
aua,  s. a fence or enclosure; a field.
— v.a. to put up a fence, to enclose a place; see patia or pa. [Dav : 1262]
aua,  s. the name of a tree; see autaraa. [Dav : 1263]
aua,  s. the name of a fresh water fish. [Dav : 1264] (note)
aua,  s. chips from a sacred canoe, or of a too representing a god. [Dav : 1265]
aua,  a. ceased to bear offspring.
— s. a woman or an animal that has ceased to bear offspring; see tiipa. [Dav : 1266]
aua,  s. an unsightly place of rubbish. [Dav : 1267]
aua,  a. s. plat, tasse, verre, clôture, enclos; stérile. [Jau :413]