ateuteu atia

ati,  s. the tamanu tree; see tamanu. [Dav : 1151] (note)
ati,  s. a faithful friend that will cleave to a man in distress. [Dav : 1152]
ati,  s. a strait, trial, difficulty. [Dav : 1153]
ati,  s. a haul of fishes. [Dav : 1154]
ati,  v.a. [ngati,] to cleave or adhere to a person; to join. [Dav : 1155]
ati,  v.a. [aki,] to bite with the teeth, to sting. [Dav : 1156]
ati,  v.n. to be enclosed or entangled; see puni. [Dav : 1157]
ati,  s. a name applied to the bird otaha when of one colour, ati, or otaha ati. [Dav : 1158]
ati,  a patronymic prefix pointing out the name of the parent or ancestor with the descendants, as Ati Iuda, the descendants of (their father) Judah. [Dav : 1159]
ati,  s. pn. embarras, épreuve, difficulté; s'attacher à une personne; mordre; être entouré; tribu, descendants. [Jau :381] (note)