asini ataa

ata,  s. a cloud, a shadow. [Dav : 1077]
ata,  s. a certain prayer at a marae; the shaded or ornamented part of a mat called vane. [Dav : 1078]
ata,  s. stalks of leaves, flowers, and fruits; the tops of the umara, taro, &c. [Dav : 1079]
ata,  s. [kata,] laughter.
— v.n. to laugh. [Dav : 1080] (note)
ata,  s. the twilight; see aahiata. [Dav : 1081] (note)
ata,  s. a messenger sent before a chief. [Dav : 1082]
ata,  s. a bait thrown to fish. [Dav : 1083]
atâ,  a. unwilling, unapt, as faaroo atâ, unwilling to hear or obey, haapii atâ, unapt to learn; it also signifies a negative like the English less, as haapao, to regard, haapao atâ, regardless; also durable, as mea vaiho atâ, a durable thing, or thing of a long continuance; also difficult to get or attain, as e mea noaa atâ, a thing difficult to get. [Dav : 1084] (note)
ata,  s. a. nuage, tige de fleurs ou fruits, pousses; messager; crépuscule; durable, qui ne veut pas, inhabile, difficile. [Jau :357]
ata,  s. pn. rire. - Niho, s. pn. sourire, sourire trompeur. Ore s. sot rire. - Paoho, s. éclat de rire. Ataata, rire, risible. - raa, objet de mépris. [Jau :358]