aroviri arua, aruâ

aru,  s. a wave or billow when two or three break together on the coral reef. [Dav : 1021] (note)
aru,  s. a forest, a thicket of wood. [Dav : 1022]
aru,  s. an elderly person, when the skin becomes wrinkled. [Dav : 1023]
aru,  s. a large fishing net, ten fathoms long; the line or rope of a fisherman when coiled together; a fisherman's prayer. [Dav : 1024]
aru,  s. the joyful exultation of a voyager; also a false accusation. [Dav : 1025]
aru,  s. the extinction or ceasing of desire. [Dav : 1026]
aru,  s. vague; forêt; long filet; fausse accusation; joie du voyageur; fin d'un désir. [Jau :337] (note)