arivariva aroâ, aroa

aro,  s. [alo, a'o,] the front, face, presence of a person. [Dav : 976]
aro,  v.n. [ngaro, na'o,] to be lost or forgotten; to be unknown, never known or understood.
— a. lost, forgotten, unknown. [Dav : 977] (note)
aro,  v.a. to wage war, to fight as two armies. [Dav : 978] (note)
aro,  s. a. pa. front, face, présence, être perdu, oublié, inconnu, combattre, faire la guerre. Aroraa, s. combat - Tahi, combattre en corps. - Tapupu, combattre épars. - Tavare, ure, roa, combat malheureux. - Viri, avant-garde. [Jau :321] (note)