arevareva aria

ari,  s. the boundless deep; a bog of an unknown depth; any thing boundless in depth; height, or extent; also applied to the emptiness of the body. [Dav : 937]
ari,  a. empty, as the stomach; waste, as the land forsaken by its inhabitants; frightful, as a place in battle. [Dav : 938]
ari,  s. the tribute paid to the king, or a principal chief; the advantages obtained by marriage, or otherwise, such as land, property, influence, or government. [Dav : 939]
ari,  s. a wave or billow; see are and aru. [Dav : 940]
ari,  v.a. to scoop out the earth from a hole with both hands. [Dav : 941]
ari,  s. a. pa. profondeur, vague, flot; profond, vide; vider la terre d'un trou. [Jau :311]