are areare, areâre

area,  conj. but, but as for, as when, as for instance. [Dav : 900] (note)
area,  s. the space between two objects. [Dav : 901]
area,  ad. presently, by and by, see aria. [Dav : 902]
area,  s. the resistance that food or drink meets with so as to cause its return by the nostrils. [Dav : 903]
area,  v.n. to return as drink by the nostrils. [Dav : 904]
area,  verb. anomalous, to suppose, conclude, expect with reference to the past, as area ra vau, I thought, supposed, or expected so and so; see atia ra. [Dav : 905] (note)
area,  conj. mais, quant à. adv. présentement, bientôt. s. intervalle, espace. p.n. retourner. [Jau :301]