apuvai araa, arâa

ara,  s. a road or path; see ea. [Dav : 755] (note)
ara,  s. small twigs or branches; see peapea. [Dav : 756] (note)
ara,  v.n. to awake; to be watchful.
— a. awake; wakeful; watchful. [Dav : 757]
ara,  s. the skin on the back of the shark. [Dav : 758]
ara,  v.n. to come to notice; to transpire; to be mentioned or divulged. [Dav : 759]
arâ,  s. a species of hard black stone. [Dav : 760] (note)
ara,  v.a. to importune the gods, and make much of them by presents, &c., to gain their countenance in war. [Dav : 761]
ara,  s. pn. route, sentier; être éveillé, sur ses gardes; transpirer, être connu. Ara roa, long chemin. [Jau :253] (note)