apeu apia

api,  s. folds of cloth pasted together; the leaves of a book; the bivalve shells of fish; a part of a canoe. [Dav : 693]
api,  s. a small spotted fish. [Dav : 694]
api,  v.n. to be full, occupied, closed up.
— a. filled, occupied as a place. [Dav : 695] (note)
api,  v.a. to confederate together, as different parties; to join, as the subdivisions of a fleet of war canoes. [Dav : 696]
apî,  a. young, recent, late; see hou. [Dav : 697] (note)
api,  s. a. pa. feuille d'un livre; valve, bordage; jeune, neuf, nouveau; occupé, rempli, joindre, unir. Parau ápi, nouvelle. [Jau :238] (note)