aoti, a˛ti apaa

apa,  s. a fish-hook with two feathers fixed to it for catching some sorts of fish; also a young bird.
— s. the lining of a garment.
— v.a. to join together two pieces of the tyger shell to make an instrument to catch the fee or cuttle fish.
— v.a. to dart a reed so as to slide along the ground. [Dav : 640]
apÔ,  s. a mode of using the hands in a native dance.
— s. an enclosure, where the young king or infant son of a chief was put to sleep.
— s. a person that eats restricted food, and yet could not be hurt by the arts of the sorcerers. The principal god of the apÔ was Roa, to whom prayers were addressed, full of imprecations and curses on the sorcerer and his family. [Dav : 641] (note)
apa,  s. apaa, hamešon. [Jau :220]