ao, a aoahe

aoa,  s. the name of a tree, called also ora and ore, and of the bark of which cloth is made, called by the same names. Tradition says that the tree first grew in the moon, from whence the seed was brought to the earth by a bird.
— s. the name of a species of bread fruit.
— s. the name of a medicinal plant; see pitorea; also a species of coral.
— s. a play term of the apere raa.
— a. well peopled, having many houses. [Dav : 612] (note)
aoa,  v.n. to bark or howl, as a dog.
— s. the howling of dogs. [Dav : 613]
aoa,  a. s. pn. aboyer, aboiement; habitÚ, peuplÚ. [Jau :207]