anuhenuhe aoa

ao,  s. day; the light; the natural day; bright clouds of the sky. [Dav : 589]
ao,  s. Heaven; blessedness; happiness; the state of the blessed. [Dav : 590] (note)
ao,  s. the good reign of a prince; a hospitable man. [Dav : 591]
ao,  s. the present life; te ao nei, means the present world, the present state of existence. [Dav : 592]
ao,  s. the opening buds of trees; the white heart of cabbage, taro, &c.; the first that comes off in straining liquors, such as the ava, &c. [Dav : 593]
ao,  s. the name of a large spotted sea bird. [Dav : 594]
ao,  s. the heart of a bundle of cloth; the king who is the head and heart of the country. [Dav : 595]
ao,  s. the grooves of the cloth mallet; also the marks of the grooves in the cloth. [Dav : 596]
ao,  s. the part of an arrow that is taken hold of on putting it on the string. [Dav : 597]
ao,  s. the inside bark used for cloth making. [Dav : 598]
ao,  ao. the fat of turtles, fowls, and fishes. [Dav : 599]
ao,  s. the name of a ceremony previous to that of the tihi; see tihi. [Dav : 600]
ao,  s. braided human hair; the string that fastens the fa or butt at which men throw their spears. [Dav : 601]
ao,  s. the food that is turned over at random to visitors at certain feasts. [Dav : 602]
ao,  s. the chief or first part of things; the first enjoyment. [Dav : 603]
ao,  s. one of the ropes fastened to a sail. [Dav : 604]
ao,  s. a spy that comes upon a party at night to see what they are doing. [Dav : 605]
ao,  s. the sides of a square; an angle. [Dav : 606]
ao,  v.a. to rip up the bark of small branches for cloth making. [Dav : 607]
ao,  v.a. to press the liquid out of the môu or strainer, such as that of the ava, the pia, or cocoa nut kernel. [Dav : 608]
ao,  v.n. to peep as an eel out of its hole; to appear again, as a lost fugitive. [Dav : 609]
a'o,  s. [ako,] counsel, warning, advice, reproof. [Dav : 610] (note)
a'o,  v.a. [ako, onai,] to counsel, advise, warn, reprove, exhort, preach.
— s. a counsellor, adviser, exhorter, preacher. [Dav : 611]
ao,  s. monde, univers, terre, ciel, bonheur, paradis, nuage, lumière, jour, graisse, principe, centre, coeur des choses, angle, espion; p.a. presser un liquide. p.n. poindre, reparaître. Ao-roa, s. firmament. Ao rereva noa, inconstant, ciel changeant. [Jau :205]
,  s. pa. conseil, prédication, avis, instruire, prêcher, gronder. [Jau :206]