anoa anoanomarie

anoano,  s. the height of a place; awe; that which causes bashfulness.
— a. high or distant, so that an object cannot be clearly discerned; terrible or frightful because of height; fearful or bashful in entering into a company. [Dav : 563]
anoano,  s. the seeds of gourds, melons, cucumbers, &c.; see huero. [Dav : 564]
anoano,  s. a cocoa-nut water-bottle. [Dav : 565]
anoano,  s. the name of one of the modes of attack, in the exercise of arms called turaau or tiaraau. [Dav : 566]
anoano,  s. a. ÚlÚvation; haut, distant. [Jau :190]
anoano,  s. graines. [Jau :191]