amuto anaana

ana,  s. a cave or cavern; a piece of rough coral used as a grater; the name of a star.
— v.a. to rasp or grate, such as the kernel of the cocoa-nut by a piece of coral called ana. [Dav : 512] (note)
ana,  pron. 3rd person sing. he, she, or it.
poss. pron. [from a ana,] of or belonging to him, her, or it; see a. [Dav : 513] (note)
ana,  ad. or aux. v. when in the imperative, or when the verb is by way of entreaty, but commonly contracted into a or na; see na. [Dav : 514]
ana,  pa. s. caverne, rāpe en corail; rāper. [Jau :167]