aivi, aivî amaa

ama,  s. the outrigger of a single canoe; the paeama is the left side and is the woman's side; the right is called pae atea and is the man's side. [Dav : 449]
ama,  s. the state of being well dressed or cooked, as food; the state of burning well.
— a. done or cooked, as food, by boiling, baking, or roasting; see a.
— v.n. to be in the state of being well cooked as food, or well burnt as stones, &c. [Dav : 450] (note)
ama,  s. balancier de pirogue. [Jau :144]
áma,  p.n. brűler, ętre cuit. [Jau :145]