aina, a-ina ainu

ainanu,  s. a constellation consisting of the two stars, Pipiri and Rehia. According to a Tahitian tradition, they were a boy and a girl left at home while the parents were fishing; the children waited, expecting the fish, with half a bread fruit in the hand of each of them. The parents arrived with the fish, and the children, pretending to be asleep, were not called, and the fish were eaten; the children, being ainanu, displeased, flew upon the top of the house, and from thence to the sky, where the boy, Pipiri, and the girl, Rehia, became the two stars forming the constellation Ainanu. [Dav : 394]
ainanu,  s. displeasure or sullenness on account of food or deprivation of a proper share; the feeling of not being duly considered as to food and other things.
— v.n. to be displeased on account of food or of being deprived of a due share. [Dav : 395]
ainanu,  p.n. être lésé en un partage de mets. [Jau :123]