ahu, áhu ahuahu

ahua,  s. a place in the sea so filled with coral as not to admit the passage of a canoe [Dav : 281]
ahua,  s. a piece of wood made use of to fasten the tops of the rafters above the ridge piece in a native house [Dav : 282] (note)
ahua,  s. the blossom of the sugar cane [Dav : 283]
ahua,  s. a curse or imprecation
— v.a. to curse [Dav : 284]
ahua,  s. a person that waits on the sick
— v.a. to nurse a person; to wait on the sick [Dav : 285]
ahua,  s. fleur de la canne, imprécation, garde-malade. p.a. maudire. [Jau :82]