ahoruhoru ahua

ahu,  s. [kahu,] cloth and garments of all descriptions [Dav : 276]
ahu,  s. heath; feverish heat of the body [Dav : 277]
ahu,  v.n. to be burnt or scalded, as the words a and ama cannot be applied to the human body, according to the native notion, but by way of a curse or evil wish connected with cannibalism [Dav : 278]
ahu,  v.a. to throw up or huddle together a heap of things; to pile up stones or throw up earth, as for a fortification; to put up the wall of a marae; to make an inclosure to catch fish in shallow places [Dav : 279] (note)
ahu,  v.a. to scoop, lade or shovel; to take up any thing with a vessel or a ladle [Dav : 280]
ahu,  s. habit. - Tuoru, poncho. - Oomo, chemise. - Petioti, jupe. - Paraitete, manteau. - Faarari, surtout. - Tipete, écharpe. - Taoto, draps de lit. - Uaitete, gilet. [Jau :80] (note)
áhu,  s. chaleur, fièvre. p.n. brûler de fièvre, id. Ahuahu. [Jau :81]