afii ahaa

aha,  s. [kaha,] sinnet made of cocoa nut husk
— s. the first enemy slain in battle was called aha, because, when obtained, a piece of aha was tied to him, he was then taken to a marae, and prayers were made over him for further success in the war; and those prayers and ceremonies were called aha taata [Dav : 164] (note)
aha,  s. the name of a fish, of which there are varieties, as aha moe, aha mararai, &c. [Dav : 165] (note)
aha,  s. the operation of the tii, by which the sorcerer was supposed to cause the death of a person, such where said to be aha hia, devoted to destruction [Dav : 166]
aha,  s. the ceremony of presenting at the marae a piece of aha by a fleet of canoes after their landing as an acknowledgment of the protection of the gods, and prayers were made with an offering of a pig, or of a plantain in the absence of a pig [Dav : 167]
aha,  pron. interrogative, aha or e aha ? what ? no te aha ? for what ? or to what purpose ? e aha atu ? what more or beside ? aha hoi ? what else ? aha iho a ? what besides ? e aha tena ? what is that ? (near the person addressed;) e aha tera ? what is that ? (at a distance;) e aha teie ? what is this (close by)
— ad. how ? or why ? as e aha e tia'i ? how can it be ? e aha vau e riri ai ? why should I be angry ? e aha e ore ai ? why not ? [Dav : 168]
aha,  s. a crack, a fissure; see afâ
— v.n. to crack, split open [Dav : 169]
aha,  pron. interrog. quel, quelle, quoi ? adv. pourquoi ? [Jau :57] (note)