abobo abua

abu,  s. the shell of a nut, gourd, or fish; a concave or hollow, as abu rima, the hollow of the hand, abu roro or abu upoo, the skull; a fraternity or family, as abu arii, the royal family, abu atua, the race of gods, the first is the abu [Dav : 92]
abu,  s. the name of an idolatrous prayer [Dav : 93]
abu,  s. the name of a small tree or shrub; the bark of its roots is used for tanning and colouring native cloth; see hiri [Dav : 94]
abu,  s. the fierce and savage quality of pigs or fishes, shown by their running at and biting each other
— v.a. to dart or fly at each other, as pigs or fishes; to fall upon each other, as dogs when eating
— a. fierce, envious, mischievous [Dav : 95] (note)
abu,  a. wide or broad, as cloth; see aano [Dav : 96]