a, a! aaa

aa,  s. [aka, kaka,] the root or roots of any tree or plant; hold, right, support; footing or settlement in a country [Dav : 9] (note)
aa,  s. the fibrous substance that grows on the cocoa nut tree; the husk or covering of the young branches of the bread-fruit tree; the integuments inclosing the sugar-cane, bamboo, hoi, &c.; the scarf on the skin of a new born infant or other young animals; the skin inside of animals to which the fat about the kidneys adheres; a sieve, or strainer, such as is used for the pia or arrowroot [Dav : 10]
aa,  s. a provocation, insult, jeer, taunt; a provoker, banterer
— v.a. to provoke, banter, insult
— a. jocular, given to jest [Dav : 11]
aa,  s. the name of a bird of the paroquet kind, or small parrot; there are two sorts, the one called aa taevao, which has fine red feathers, the other, aa mahu, has no red feathers [Dav : 12] (note)
aa,  v.n. to be thoroughly awake after sleep; to be done, or over done, as dressed food; to be in a state of burning fiercely; to be burning as a plurality of fires [Dav : 13] (note)
aa,  v.a. to measure length or breadth [Dav : 14]
aa,  s. racine; droit; mesure de longueur; téguments; insulte p.n. être éveillé; brûler; être cuit. v.a. tenter; mesurer. [Jau :2]